The Makuta Virus was a mysterious virus created by Makuta Kojol that was responsible for weakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui enough to cause him to crash-land on Aqua Magna. This virus kept him asleep until his eventual death, though this was negated by Toa Mahri Matoro, who resurrected Mata Nui by sacrificing himself with the Kanohi Ignika. Not much is known about the virus's characteristics or its origin, but it was found on Xia by "The Shadowed One", and became the subject of a debate between him and Kalmah.

Other Makuta VirusesEdit

  • A virus that was used to give flight powers to Takanuva.
  • A virus that was capable of eating through protosteel used by the Order of Mata Nui to kill Kojol.
  • Other types of viruses used by the Makuta to create Rahi.

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