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Welcome to Wiki Metru's The BIONICLE Wiki, the most accurate Wikia wiki about BIONICLE that anyone can edit! You can add anything you like, as long as your information comes from an official BIONICLE source, such as the books, comics, or from the LEGO website. Make sure you don't copy articles from other websites, though.

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250px-Gali Mistika

This month's Featured Article is Gali, Toa of Water!

"We three have business right here, Tahu. Now, do we help one another... or do we let our pride do to the Toa what Makuta could not?"
—Gali to Tahu and Kopaka

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Did You Know...?

  • ...that in BIONICLE Heroes, all of the Piraka have two-toed, webbed feet, but Hakann, Vezok and Reidak really had clawed feet?
  • ...that in BIONICLE Heroes, Hewkii's default weapon before upgrading was called 'Po-Koro', after the name of his home village?
  • ...that the first six Matoran prefixes (Ta-, Ga-, Le-, Ko-, Onu-, and Po-) are the first letters of the Toa Mata's names?

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  • 06/25/13: Bold Clone has officially stepped down from his position as administrator and departs from The BIONICLE Wiki.
  • 06/18/13: Custom Slizer Wiki departs from Wiki Metru.
  • 01/19/13: Mata Nui has officially stepped down from his position as administrator and bureaucrat and departs from The BIONICLE Wiki.
  • 12/08/12: Custom Slizer Wiki is now officially part of Wiki Metru! Check it out by clicking this link!!
  • 11/18/12: Come and join Wiki Metru Forums! Chat and meet other BIONICLE fans as well as other fans from our sister wikias: Custom BIONICLE Wiki, HeroPedia, and Custom Hero Factory Wiki!!

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"I will return."
—Mata Nui
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