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"The Toa of Air triggered the power of Mask of Illusion, transforming himself into a duplicate of a Vahki Rorzakh. [...] Once the shapeshifting was done, he stepped boldly out to face the oncoming order enforcers."
—Narration, BIONICLE Adventures 7: Web of the Visorak
G Mahiki N Mahiki
Mask of Illusions
Power(s)Let user cast illusions and shapeshift
KanokaReconstitutes At Random; Weaken
Notable Wearer(s)Matoran/Toa/Turaga Matau

The Mahiki was the Mask of Illusion. The Great Mahiki gave its user the power to shapeshift, but did not let them copy the powers of the being they tranformed into. The Noble Mahiki did not allow the user to shapeshift, but only let them project illusions. Elda, Arthron and Rode could see through the usage of a Mahiki.

Mahiki were carved out of a mixture of Reconstitute At Random and Weaken Kanoka on Metru Nui.

Example Usages

Great: Toa Matau used his Mahiki to shapeshift into a Vahki for disguise in BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui.
Noble: Kopaka used a Noble Mahiki to create several illusions of himself to confuse a Muaka in the Mata Nui Online Game.

Known Wearers



  • Matoran Matau - Formerly; transformed into its Great version when he became a Toa Metru.
  • Piruk


Toa Matau Hordika

A Hordika-mutated Great Mahiki

  • Turaga Vakama - Formerly secondary mask; destroyed with Ta-Koro.
  • Turaga Nokama - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Whenua - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Onewa - Secondary mask
  • Turaga Matau - Primary mask
  • Turaga Nuju - Secondary mask
  • The Toa Mata - Formerly secondary masks; lost when they became Toa Nuva, now with the Turaga.


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