Lord of Skull Spiders
Biographical Information
Species Skull Spider

Group Skull Spiders

Mask {{{4}}}
Colors Black, red-orange
Element/Powers Telepathic control over other Skull Spiders
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation {{{7}}}
Tools Legs, fangs
Location Okoto
Status Deceased (presumably)
Pronunciation {{{11}}}

The Lord of Skull Spiders was a large Skull Spider which guarded an ancient city on the island of Okoto. He was the leader of the Skull Spiders, and controlled them via the Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders. According to Pohatu, he was so fast the Toa themselves couldn't outrun him.


While the six Toa entered the ancient city, the Lord of Skull Spiders appeared and fought the Toa. The Toa attacked him one by one, but they were unable to defeat him. But then, they made a plan to all attack at the same time. The plan worked and defeated the Lord of Skull Spiders. After this, Onua strongly hit the floor, causing the defeated Skull Spider to fall. However, it is not confirmed that he was killed.

Set InformationEdit

  • The Lord of Skull Spider's set number was 70790.
  • This set contained 145 pieces, making it the largest single figure in the line for winter 2015, the start of the reboot.
    250px-Lord of Skull Spiders on Cliff

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