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Welcome to The BIONICLE Wiki's Community Portal! Here, you can see all of what's going on at The BIONICLE Wiki. For monthly updates on "______ of the Month", please see the Main Page for results. If you want to ask something, please go to the Community Portal talkpage. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay!

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If you want to help decided what pages this wiki should and shouldn't create, go here.
To nominate and vote on which pages you want to keep, go here.
To nominate and vote on which page you think needs to be improved the most, go here.
To nominate and vote on the page you think is the best this wiki has to offer, go here.
To nominate and vote on which User you think has done the most for this wiki over the last month, go here.
To nominate and vote on which quote you think is the most memorable, go here.

This Month's Poll

What is your favorite Element in BIONICLE?

The poll was created at 08:30 on November 30, 2012, and so far 25 people voted.
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Turaga (Site Leader): Captain Kazi

Toa (Administrators): Mazeka369Toa 95MarioGalaxy2433g5Amanda113122

Matoran Guard (Rollbackers): Nimrod-0Toa RodenIvjubJediToa

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