Kumu Islets
Fau Swamp-1-
Location Information
Primary Residents'
Former ResidentsVarious mutated Rahi
LocationLe-Wahi, Le-Koro

The Kumu Islets were a string of tiny islands extending from the southernmost point of Le-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui.


Along with the mainland, the Kumu Islets were created when the Great Spirit was rendered comatose by the machinations of Makuta and toppled into the seas of Aqua Magna. As a result of this Great Cataclysm, Mata Nui's camouflage systems malfunctioned, causing an island to form over his upturned face. At some point, it seems, the islets splintered away from the bottom of the island.

After the Visorak took over the abandoned Metru Nui and started capturing and poisoning Rahi, many of the horribly mutated victims of the Visorak venom migrated to the Kumu Islets, rendering them one of the most dangerous places on Mata Nui. After the Matoran adopted Mata Nui as their own home, they made some attempts at colonizing the Kumu Islets, but ultimately gave up due to the danger posed by its warped and vicious wildlife.

In preparation for Mata Nui's awakening, the Toa Nuva reluctantly released the Bohrok swarms on their former island home; the Kumu Islets were included in the Bohrok's purge of all flora and fauna. When Mata Nui finally awoke, the Islets were destroyed along with the mainland; the mutated Rahi that lived there presumably also perished, as none were seen to have migrated back to Metru Nui.

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