Krekka's Species
Species Information
Tools and AbilitiesUnknown

Krekka's Species also known as bruisers, was the middle class species on the island of Stelt, the homeland of Sidorak and fellow Dark Hunter Gladiator.

Bruisers often serve as guards, laborers, or riot-control for Stelt. They are known for their low levels of intelligence, although they make up for this with powerful strength. Bruisers tend to serve Sidorak's species, although they weren't nearly as far down on the totem pole as was the gladiatorial species.

Known Members Edit

  • Krekka - Formerly; now deceased.
  • Six members sent to stop Gladiator.
  • Seven members of a crew to a boat owned by an upper-class trader. - Formerly; now deceased.
  • Several replacements for the previous crew.
  • Two guards defeated by Mazeka.
  • One bruiser who was fused into the Golden Skinned Being.

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