The Kolhii Tournament of Mata Nui was held in the newly built Ta-Koro Kolhii Stadium. It pitted the three best Kolhii Teams on the island against each other. The Ga-Koro Kolhii Team, Ta-Koro Kolhii Team, and Po-Koro Kolhii Team made it into this game. Ga-Koro won in the end, with three goals compared to Po-Koro's two and Ta-Koro's zero.

As a result, Hahli and Macku became the Copper Mask winners.

Kolhii GamesEdit


(Winners in Bold)

  • Ga-Koro vs. Onu-Koro
  • Le-Koro vs. Ta-Koro
  • Ko-Koro vs. Po-Koro

Championship GameEdit

  • Ga-Koro: 3
  • Po-Koro: 2
  • Ta-Koro: 0

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