Species Information
ColorsRed, Brown, Green, Gray
WeaponsKanoka Disks, their mouths
Species StatusAlive
"Ugly. What is worse than looking out your window to see a swarm of chittering, ravenous Kinloka headed your way? I'll tell you - still being in your dwelling when they get there."
—Rahaga Bomonga, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Kinloka were a type of experimental Rahi. It was said that once they had broken into a vault of Kanoka disks, which they learned to use. They usually use weaken disks when hunting, and though they couldn't fling disks very far or hard, they were indisputably accurate. They were the result of an experiment by the Brotherhood of Makuta to create a Rahi with a better digestive system, though as a result they eat anything. They are native to Le-Metru, but are seen all over Metru Nui. Kinloka were one of the few Rahi species that did not migrate to Mata Nui.

Set InformationEdit


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