Ketar, Creature of Stone
Biographical Information
Species Elemental Creatures
Group {{{3}}}
Mask None
Colors neon yellow, brown, silver, orange-brown, dark tan
Element/Powers Stone
Homeland Okoto
Occupation Protecting the Region of Stone on Okoto, helping the Toa on their quest.
Tools crystal blades, tail
Location Okoto
Status Alive
Pronunciation ke-TAR

Ketar is the Creature of Stone, and the embodiment of the element.

History Edit

Millennia ago, when Okoto was first created, Ketar and the five other creatures were created from the island's elements.

Powers Edit

Because it is the embodiment of Stone, Ketar can camouflage and is quite durable. When united with a Toa, the creature grants them scorpion-like speed and durability.

Set Information Edit

Ketar comes with set number 71031, which includes Ketar and a Shadow Trap. The set has 80 pieces.

Trivia Edit

  • Ketar strikes a resemblance to Zesk.
  • Ketar is an anagram of Terak.
  • Pohatu mentioned he hates scorpions, which is very ironic, since Ketar is based on one and they're destined to be partners.
Elemental Creatures(v|e)

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