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Species Information
Colorsgray, black, purple, light blue, white
Tools and AbilitiesWings

Kahu were huge bird Rahi that were part of the Gukko family of Rahi. Gukko birds were extremely swift, and generally peaceful though they would fight if threatened. Le-Matoran often tamed Gukko for their Gukko Force. Rahaga Kualus insisted that "Gukko" was the incorrect name for the species, and may even have been an insult in their language. A bright green energy filled a Kahu's wings when it flew.

Set informationEdit

The Kahu could be made with the two Nui-Jaga. Not to be confused with the smaller Goko-Kahu which was released in the Masterbuilder set.


  • Kongu rode a Kahu with Takua in the MNOLG named Ka.
  • Kopaka also rode a Kahu (in a concept art from Bionicle: Quest For the Masks TCG ; card #135)

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