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Element Information
Matoran Prefix Fe-
Associated Color(s) gunmetal grey, burnt orange
Associated Location(s) Nynrah

Iron was an Elemental Power. This element was used by Toa as well as Turaga of Iron and Fe-Matoran. Toa of Iron had almost perfect control of the element. The element gave Matoran extreme endurance. Turaga abilities were somewhere in the middle. Skakdi of Iron only had access to the element when they used their powers with another Skakdi.


  • Creating any type of metal.
  • Controlling any type of metal.
  • Absorbing any type of metal.
  • Unleashing an Iron Nova Blast. (Toa exclusive)
  • Extreme endurance also comes with this Element.


Beings other than Toa couldn't combine powers of any sort to create a Protodermis cage. As long as each of them wielded a different Element, any six Toa could create a Protodermis cage.



  • All Toa, Turaga, and Matoran of Iron were male.
  • Most Toa of Iron were killed by the Makuta because Iron powers would pose a threat to the Makuta.
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