"You are Kopaka, who wields the power of winter itself. [...] You can ride the ice and snow...unleash the avalanche...freeze with just a touch..."
Turaga Nuju, Comic 1: The Coming of the Toa
Kopaka channeling his Ice powers
Element Information
Matoran Prefix Ko-
Associated Color(s) Primary: White
Secondary: Light grey, dark grey, sand blue, light blue
Associated Location(s) Ko-Metru, Ko-Wahi, Ko-Koro

Ice was one of the many Elemental Powers in the Matoran Universe.

This element was used by Toa and Turaga of Ice, and Ko-Matoran. Toa of Ice had almost perfect control of the element. The element gave Matoran the ability to work in extremely cold environments. Turaga had abilities somewhat in between that of Toa and Matoran of ice.


  • Creating ice/snow.
    • Creating concentrated beams of ice/snow/coldness.
  • Controlling ice/snow.
  • Absorbing ice/snow.
  • Setting a delayed Ice reaction (Toa Nuva-exclusisve).
  • Unleashing an Ice Nova Blast.
  • "Possessing" ice. - Element Lord-exclusive
  • Extreme resistance to cold also comes with this Element.
  • Lowering air temperature
  • Freezing anything (objects, enemies, etc.)


  • When combined with the elemental power of Fire, it could be used to instantaneously make a seal, as the fire melts debris which is then solidified by the ice.
  • When combined with any other five different Elements, it created a Protodermis cage around the target that is only breakable by a second union of the six Elements.
  • When combined with the element of Fire, it can also make Water, which cannot be controlled by the Ice-wielder.


These beings are/were wielders of the Element of Ice:


These locations were affiliated with the Element of Ice:


  • All Toa, Turaga, and Matoran of Ice were male.
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