Giant Squid
Giant squids
Species Information
GroupOrganic Sea Rahi
ColorsUnknown; probably varying
Species StatusUnknown

Giant Squids were sea Rahi and some of the Pit's most powerful predators. These creatures made up the bulk of Kalmah's army.


The Giant Squids were native of the Great Sea of Spherus Magna and were undisturbed by the Shattering.

They continued living there until the Great Cataclysm shattered and flooded The Pit; which released its inmates including Barraki Kalmah.

When Kalmah discovered them, he asserted himself as a dominant being over them and soon trained the Giant Squids to become his soldiers for his personal army.

An unknown numbers of Giant Squids were commanded by Kalmah to guard the cave in which Toa Mahri Nuparu and Hahli were imprisoned in (by the Barraki) and later participated in their final battle along with other Barraki's armies against the Toa Mahri (excluding Matoro).

An individual of this species dragged Brutaka into the depths of the black waters, but he managed to escaped from it and killed the Rahi.

It is unknown whether or not the Giant Squids under Barraki Kalmah survived the battle and live among their kind or died from their injuries from battling the Toa Mahri.


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