This article is about the species Gadunka. You may be looking for the character titled Gadunka.

Gadunka (Species)
Species Information
ColorsBlue, Silver
WeaponsJaws, claws
Species Statusalive

Gadunka were tiny sea Rahi, about the size of a finger, that inhabited the ocean floors around the Pit

Rahi Gadunka 2


Enlarged GadunkaEdit

Gadunka was a Rahi that was originally an inch long, but was accidentally enlarged by the energies of the Mask of Life when it crawled under it, seeking shelter. This creature fought the Toa Mahri twice during their time in the Pit. First, it was chasing the Barraki out of what it believed to be it's territory, and Hewkii defeated it. He fought them again later, actually reaching the Ignika, but was reverted back to its original state. He was later eaten by a Takea Shark.



  • Unlike most Rahi, the Gadunka did not have a real world animal equivalent.

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