Species Information
ColorsDark Blue, Golden Brown, White
Species Status'

The Frostelus were somewhere between Rahi and Matoran; Frostelus may be former victims of the Visorak or some previously undiscovered species. How they came to be so near Metru Nui, and what their intentions may be, is unknown.

Norik and Iruini of Makuta Teridax's Toa Hagah ran into some on their travels, defeating them with a combo move in which Iruini's spear created a cyclone with which Norik fills with lava from his own spear, creating a lava tornado.

The Frostelus are extremely protective of their territories; once, a group of Frostelus launched an attack on a nearby Toa fortress which was guarding the Makoki Stone. The attack eventually led to the deaths of all the Toa except for Lhikan.

Set Rahi Frostelus

The Frostelus in set form


Set InformationEdit


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