First Toa Team

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First Toa Team
First Toa Team Information
Species AffliationMatoran (Toa)
AlliesMatoran, Turaga
EnemiesZyglak, Acid Cloud, Frostelus
LeaderLesovikk (formerly)
GoalProtect the Matoran (formerly; now disbanded)

The First Toa Team was the first Toa Team ever to be formed. They were not the First Toa, as solo Toa came before them. There were eight total members on the team. Lesovikk, the leader, was the only survivor after the team battled with Zyglak. They originally protected the village where Sarda, Idris, and other Voya Nui Matoran used to live before their insane Turaga sent them away to Karzahni. When Lesovikk was shown a vision by Karzahni, his team had faced an acid cloud and survived.

Lesovikk evacuated the Matoran Universe sometime later.


Lesovikk, the Toa of Air on the First Toa Team

Former Members

First Toa Team (v|e)
Lesovikk  • Nikila  • A Toa of Iron  • A Toa of Fire  • A Toa of Water
A Toa of Sonics  • A Toa of Stone  • A Toa of Gravity  

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