Fire Sword

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Fire Sword
Fire Sword TMata
Weapon Information
PowerChanneling Elemental energy
StatusIn Use

The Fire Sword was the tool used by Tahu as a Toa Mata. It allowed him to channel his elemental powers of Fire. When Tahu turned into a Toa Nuva, the Energized Protodermis transformed the Fire Sword into two Magma Swords. He then got it back when the Kanohi Ignika turned him back into his original form.

Set Information

  • The Fire Sword was originally released along with Tahu in 2001.
  • A large foam weapon toy called Toa Flame Sword is based off from Toa Mata Tahu's old version of his Fire Sword; was released in 2003 and its product number was 4237161.
  • A blue version of the same piece was included in the Berix set, released in 2009.
  • In 2010, a new version of the sword was included with the Tahu Stars set. The same piece had been used in 2009 as part of Ackar's Flame Sword.


  • In BIONICLE Heroes, Toa Jaller uses the Fire Sword as his basic weapon, which can be upgraded into Vakama's Disk launcher.


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