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Set Instructions-Exo-Toa
Biographical Information
Species Robot
Group Mainly Brotherhood of Makuta
Mask None
Colors Black, Gray, and Orange
Element/Powers '
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Toa Armor
Tools Claws, Electro-Rocket
Location Matoran Universe
Status In use
Pronunciation '

Exo-Toa were special suits of powered armor that were invented by the Nynrah Ghosts. Toa and other beings could wear and control them, or they could be programmed to act on their own. Each Exo-Toa was equipped with a claw arm, an electro rocket, and could enhance the strength of the being wearing it by several times. However, it also blocked the elemental powers of its wearer.

Makuta Chirox took over an Exo-Toa to 'demonstrate' to Mutran the new powers being made entirely out of antidermis exhibited. Exo-Toa are one of the kinds of things Makuta can possess along with other robots, such as Maxilos Robots. Also, when Mata Nui fell into his deep sleep, the ground shook, cracking the armor of a Makuta, but that Makuta was placed inside an Exo-Toa suit to keep him alive.


An Exo-Toa in set form

In the time of the Toa Hagah, the Brotherhood of Makuta used Exo-Toa as part of their army, which included Visorak and the Dark Hunters.

Thousands of years later, six Exo-Toa were found in the Bohrok nest by the Toa Mata. The Toa attempted to use the armor to defeat the Bohrok Queens, the Bahrag, but found the lack of elemental powers too much of a liability. When the Bohrok-Kal later tried to free the Bahrag, these six Exo-Toa were reduced to scrap metal trying to stop them. Nuparu then salvaged the scrap, intending to study it, but had little time to do so before becoming a Toa Inika.

During Teridax's reign, Exo-Toa were used by Teridax to hunt down fugitives and return them to Metru Nui. One such army of Exo-Toa attacked Tahu's team in Karzahni but were defeated by Onua, who then joined the team.

Set Information


The Exo-Raptor, an alternate non-canon model of the Exo-Toa.

  • The Exo-Toa's set number was 8557.
  • The Exo-Toa consisted of 360 pieces.
  • The Exo-Toa set would actually only allow four Toa Mata sets to fit into it: Tahu, Gali, Lewa and Kopaka. Because of Pohatu's upside-down torso, he couldn't fit in one. Onua was also unable to fit concerning his "head placement" on his set. However, with a few minor alterations, you can reconstruct Onua and Pohatu to fit in the Exo-Toa armor.
    • Stars Tahu also cannot fit in the Exo-Toa, despite the set being an updated set version of his Toa Mata Form.
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