Energy Hound
Species Information
ColorsWhite, gray
WeaponsJaws, claws
Species StatusUnknown

Energy Hounds were canine Rahi that could track anything or anyone by sensing its unique energy signature. The Order of Mata Nui apparently tamed several of these and gave them to the robotic Maxilos, guardians, and other guards in the Pit. Spinax was a notable Energy Hound that belonged to the Maxilos that Makuta Teridax took over in Mahri Nui.

Energy hound

Maxilos' energy hound, Spinax

Hand of Artakha (v|e)
Former Members: HelryxAxonnHydraxon"Shadow Stealer"
Former Servants: UmbraEnergy Hounds (Spinax)
Order of Mata Nui (v|e)
Leader: Helryx
Members: AxonnBrutakaJerbrazJohmakTobdukTrinumaHydraxonBotar"Ancient"Krakua
Servants: SpinaxEnergy Hounds"Kratana"Mana-KoMaxilos RobotsMazekaUmbra

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