Electricity Shield
594px-Electric Shield
Weapon Information
FunctionGenerating lightning bolts
StatusNot in use

The Electricity Shields were the tools used by Tahnok-Kal, which allowed it to control Electricity.

Set InfomationEdit

  • Two Electricity Shields were included with the Tahnok-Kal set.
  • The Electricity Shield is the only Bohrok-Kal weapon not included in another set.

Trivia Edit

  • A foam version of this tool were released in 2003 along with the foam version of the Flame Sword and were only bought through certain LEGO outlets (not the official stores that stay at one place) or at Legoland.
    Foam Bohrok Fire Shield

    A foam version of the Electricity Shield

Bohrok-Kal Tools (v|e)
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