Destral Fortress
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Location Information
Primary ResidentsShadow Takanuva
Former ResidentsBrotherhood of Makuta
MakutaAll (formerly)

The Destral Fortress was the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Makuta, located on Destral. It contained several chambers, including at least one laboratory, a throne room, a Convocation chamber, a torture chamber, and a basement where Tridax stored an army of Shadow Takanuva in Status Tubes.

At one point, a Matoran and an Order of Mata Nui agent were able to invaded the fortress and kill Makuta Tridax using a protosteel-eating virus on the Makuta, and a staff capable of incinerating Antidermis.

The fortress was destroyed twice in it's history, first during the Great Cataclysm and the Earthquake it caused, and finally during an attack on Destral by The Order of Mata Nui.

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