Crescent Scythe
250px-Set Crescent Scythe
Weapon Information
FunctionChannel elemental energy; melee combat
StatusDamaged; discarded

The Crescent Scythe was a weapon carried by the Skakdi warlord Nektann. He could use it to focus his Water powers while in conjunction with another Skakdi, as well as for melee combat. Nektann only ever used the Crescent Scythe on Bara Magna, and fought Tahu with it. However, as a result of this battle, the Scythe was sliced in two by Tahu's Fire Sword and was then left discarded.


  • The Crescent Scythe consisted of two pieces and was released with the 7137 Nektann set.
  • Two Crescent Scythes were originally planned to be released with the Nektann set but this idea was dropped from the final release.