"Creation is my essence. And you would destroy all that exists. I can’t allow that."
Artakha, Reign of Shadows

Creation was a Legendary Power within the Matoran Universe. Just like with every other Legendary Power, no Toa of Creation could exist.


  • Creating inorganic objects without need of raw materials.
  • Providing detailed schematics of a desired creation mentally.



  • As Creation is a Legendary Power, it cannot be combined with any Element, nor be used in the formation of Protodermis.


  • If the Mask of Creation were to be destroyed, everyone in the Matoran Universe would suddenly lose their ability to create new things.
Elements and Powers (v|e)
Elements Primary FireWaterAirStoneEarthIce
Secondary LightShadowLightningMagnetismPlantlifePlasmaGravitySonicsPsionicsIronSand
Legendary Powers LifeTimeCreation
Powers AcidVacuumRahkshi Powers

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