Comic 15: Secrets and Shadows
Comic Information
Alternate titleWhat is Vakama's Secret?
WriterGreg Farshtey
ReleasedNovember 2003
Number in series15
Previous comicComic 14: At Last -- Takanuva!
Next ComicComic 16: Toa Metru!

Secrets and Shadows was the fifteenth BIONICLE comic of the original BIONICLE comic series.


The comic begins with Kopaka, Tahu, Gali, and Nokama walking along the beach of Ko-Wahi as they discuss their upcoming journey to Metru Nui. Nokama warns Gali that despite the city's beauty, they should be vigilant, as looks can be deceiving. The story then shifts to Jaller, Takanuva, and Vakama. Jaller is mourning the loss of Ta-Koro, but Takanuva points out that everyone is safe, and they have a new city to travel to. Reiterating Nokama's words, Vakama reminds them that one should judge an enemy by their appearance. To reinforce this, Vakama tells them the story of the Toa Nuva's encounter with the Rahkshi Kaita.

Vakama's tale begins with Tahu, Kopaka, and Lewa searching Le-Wahi for the Rahkshi. Instead, they find an area of destruction, with a group of Matoran controlled by infected masks. Kopaka freezes the infected Matoran for their safety, and the three Toa find the culprit - a shadow Kraata. Lewa disposes of it, and Kopaka states that this single Kraata cannot be responsible for the immense damage done to Le-Wahi. The three then set off in search of their foe.

Later, they find their enemy's trail. Kopaka speculates that the foe may want to be found. Tahu teases Kopaka for worrying, calling him Toa of "frost." Kopaka counters that the Toa of "ash" may worry too little. Lewa then complains about their bickering. Kopaka is still frightened, to Lewa's surprise. Lewa then spots their foes, the Rahkshi Kaita. In an attempt to defeat these monsters, Lewa gets injured. This forces them to retreat and regroup, but not before Tahu dropped a cliff on the Rahkshi Kaita.

Vakama concludes his story here. He says that ignorance is a great weakness, so the Toa must know the whole truth. He tells Takanuva to come with him, so that they can gather the Toa, to tell a new tale. When the Toa and Turaga are assembled, Vakama begins to speak. He tells them that they must learn from the past to be prepared for the future. The Turaga warn the Toa of the dangers they may face in Metru Nui. Vakama then reveals a shocking truth to the Toa Nuva - They were not the first Toa!


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