Comic 14: At Last -- Takanuva!
Comic Information
Alternate titleA Hero Will Be Revealed
WriterGreg Farshtey
ReleasedSeptember 2003
Number in series14
Previous comicComic 13: Rise of the Rahkshi!
Next ComicComic 15: Secrets and Shadows

At Last -- Takanuva! was the fourteenth BIONICLE comic of the original BIONICLE comic series.


Kopaka Nuva challenged the six Rahkshi in a six on one battle. Panrahk leaped at Kopaka for an attack, but froze upon contact. Kopaka said that he would not be defeated by them, but Turahk fired his spear at Kopaka. Kopaka feared that Tahu, Gali, and others would laugh at him for his failures to defeat the Rahkshi.

Vorahk absorbed Kopaka's elemental power, Kopaka realized that the Rahkshi had different powers, and thought it was the end of his end. However, Tahu, Gali, and Lewa came to challenge the Rahkshi after recovering from the land slide created by the Rahkshi to trap them.

Kurahk fired his spear at the Toa while they were speaking, but Lewa counteracted the attack by creating a tornado that knocked the spear out of the Rahkshi's hands. Gali and Kopaka were cornered because of the Rahkshi, who fired at the cliff to trap them both in. Tahu created magma to stop the debris from falling on the other two Toa while Lewa rescued them with a cyclone and rushed down to meet with them in order to find Jaller and Takua before the Rahkshi could.

Everyone thought that their other companions were killed a the cave-in, but they saw Onua, Pohatu, and Turaga Whenua ran out of the cave full of Kraata. Tahu, with Kopaka's help, closed the entrance in order to trap the Kraata inside.

The Toa Nuva then left the Kraata problem to Whenua, so they could stop the Rahkshi. They battled all over the island, until they all met up at Kini-Nui for the last stand. The Rahkshi charged, but a saving grace arrived: Takanuva, Toa of Light. After the Rahkshi were defeated, the Toa Nuva built a transport: the Ussanui. Takanuva then set out to defeat Makuta on his own, despite the Toa Nuva's offers.



  • This technically marks the first comic appearance of Nuhrii and Ahkmou, as visions of them are seen mocking Kopaka in his Turahk-induced hallucination.

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