Comic 12: Realm of Fear
250px-Comic 12 Realm of Fear-1-
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshtey
SeriesBattle for Power
Year published2008
Number in series15
Previous bookComic 11: Death of a Hero
Current bookComic 12: Realm of Fear
Next bookComic 13: Swamp of Shadows

Realm of Fear was the first comic of 2008 and the first comic in the Battle for Power series.


The comic started the day after Toa Mahri Matoro sacrificed himself to save Mata Nui. Tanma, Photok and Solek flew towards their Stalactite Village to avoid Antroz, Vamprah, Chirox and their former friends. Then, above, the six Toa Nuva flew out of a portal, spotted the Makuta and drove them off with their Midak Skyblasters, as Lewa and Pohatu decided to name them. The Matoran told the Toa everything they knew. Figuring what had happened, Tahu, Gali and Onua headed to the swamp. Meanwhile, the Makuta schemed against the Toa in their lair. Antroz decided to summon Icarax, planning to prepare a "gift" for the Toa in the meantime. Back in the village, Pohatu and Photok saw Radiak coming towards the village, knowing he could do them no harm because of the Lightvine surrounding the village. He told them he had seen the error in his ways , and that he had escaped with the Brotherhood of Makuta's plan, but he was badly injured. Pohatu prepared to fly out of the safety of the lightvine, but Photok told him it could be a trap, to which Pohatu replied he looked very badly hurt. The pair flew out of the lightvine, and were ambushed by the Makuta. Kopaka and Lewa fly out to help. Kopaka is defeated, and Lewa escapes. Meanwhile, on Destral, Icarax decided to go to the core, excited by the prospect of killing the Toa Nuva. In the swamp, however, the Mask of Life considered creating more guardians, but then, recalling the failure of Dekar/Hydraxon and the Gadunka, it decided against it. Then, it had a new idea: to create itself a body, see what it was like to experience adventure, like it's former user, brave Matoro. Now, it is now longer the Kanohi Ignika: it was Toa Ignika!


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