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Chief Archivist
Job Information
Job ClassificationOnu-Matoran
PurposeRun the Archives
"I don't suppose you have a key?"
"No. Only the Chief Archivist has keys to this level.
Nuju and Whenua, BIONICLE 4: Trial by Fire

The Chief Archivist was the title given to the head Archivist of the Archives in Metru Nui. As head of the Archives, the Chief Archivist oversaw special projects, such as the one involving several massive sea Rahi, and had clearance and/or keys for presumably all sub-level exhibits. He also had the responsibility of making reports for Turaga Dume.

One Chief Archivist was responsible for bringing the Ancient Sea Rahi to the Archives for study. He later shut down the project, under orders from Turaga Dume.

The Matoran who held this position has gone unnamed.


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