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Kopaka Mata Bionicle Tooth Brush is a real-life article

Bionicle Tooth Brush is not part of the BIONICLE storyline, which means that Bionicle Tooth Brush should not be used to support storyline details or other canon sources.


The Bionicle Tooth Brushes were electric tooth brushes, all based on three Toa Nuva: Gali Nuva, Tahu Nuva and Onua Nuva.

Product InfoEdit

They also would have a cover for the tooth brush, which would be the classic bionicle "head". (Example: A Gali tooth brush would be blue and have picture of Gali Nuva on it. The decoration of the "head" would have a Kaukau Nuva and the same thing but different colour and mask for the other ones.) They have a "start" and "stop" button, with the "start" button having the three virtues symbol.


  • The tooth brushes had three parts: the tooth brush, the "head", and the mask.

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