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Kopaka Mata is a real-life article is not part of the BIONICLE storyline, which means that should not be used to support storyline details or other canon sources.

250px-BIOcom Jan10 Home-1- was the official Bionicle/Lego website. There you can find building instructions, games and the Kanoka Club (an online 'club' where you can play special games such as MNOG or you can enter codes from Bionicle canisters/containers to get points). In 2008, the BIO. Codes unlocked prototype pictures of the Bionicles out then, and if you have a membership, you may also access the 2006 site, including the Story Archives, (where you can watch animations and access mini-sites from previous years) the Games section, (where you can play or download MNOG, MNOG2, VNOG, Stop the Morbuzakh and other games that have been long since playable) and also the Instructions Section (where you can find instructions for most Bionicle and combiner sets from 2001 onwards). The Bionicle theme has changed from year to year (the theme now is the Mata Nui Saga for 2010). There is now no Story Archive link on the Kanoka Club as of 2009.

On Friday, June 7th, 2013, LEGO sent an e-mail to a user, Shougun70 announcing the upcoming closure of the site:

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

I’m so sorry to hear you're having trouble on We left the pages running without updates over the past three years, but they’re no longer supported by more recent Internet software.

Some of the updates on mean the BIONICLE® web sites and games on them aren’t going to function properly in the future. Our company motto is “Only the best is good enough”, so we closed the website instead of offering a poor online experience. The decision wasn’t easy, so we did what the tales of the Toa had taught us: to succeed in any mission we need imagination, new ways of thinking and the willingness to take some risks.

The BIONICLE range had great sets and a brilliant story, and it’ll always be very special to us. We know we’re lucky to have loyal BIONICLE fans like you. But I hope you’ll give our Heroes from Hero Factory a chance. Lots of our fans are really excited about the theme and it’s won the hearts of many who used to play with BIONICLE. Because it was invented by some of the genius minds behind BIONICLE, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Listening to what LEGO® fans have to say helps us get better and better so I’m passing your feedback on to our web team.

On Wednesday, June 19th, 2013, was shut-down and the image that was linked to the site was also removed from's Products page. However, the site is still viewable via an internet archive:

Current Features on Home Page

A short, partial, non-canon desciption of the 2010 storyline. Through links, you can also access set instructions, the Agori Defender game, The Legend Reborn video clips, The downloads section, the gallery section, and the Stars' set descriptions under the products section.


Where you can look at descriptions, prices, and ratings of various sets. Right now, you can only look at the summer 2009-2010 sets.

Fun Zone

Where you can play BIONICLE games. As of 2010, you can only see Agori Defender, the link to the movies, Glatorian Arena 2, Glatorian Arena for PC and MAC, and Battle For Power, though other games from the past can be accessed through external means.


Here, you can download wallpapers, icons, posters, and screensavers for 2009-2010. You can also download music and podcasts.


You can look at the current story here. Right now, only part of the 2010 story is viewable.


Here, people can post their BIONICLE creations and view others.

Bio Codes

After logging in, you can insert Bio Codes that are on the back of the canisters/boxes and received either stickers and/or backgrounds for My Lego Network or behind-the-scene images, wallpapers for download, or a 360 "spin toy" of whichever set or Kanohi for your PC.

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