Battle of Po-Koro
Conflict Bohrok War
Place Po-Koro
Result Matoran victory




  • none

  • none

The Battle of Po-Koro was a skirmish in the Bohrok war on Mata Nui. A swarm of Tahnok came through Po-Wahi and started to lay waste to it. The Matoran were unprepared, and so someone had to buy time for them. Takua, Onewa, Hafu, and Pohatu were on the outskirts of Po-Koro, at the walls. In order to delay the swarms, Hafu unfortunately had to collapse his whole life's work of carving and sculpting. The destroyed statues formed a barrier; this delayed the Tahnok long enough for the Po-Matoran to prepare. However, Hafu was trapped between the walls and the Tahnok. Pohatu rescued him just before his doom, using his Kakama. Hewkii and Pohatu stopped the horde with quick thinking and the precise aiming of a Koli ball.

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