"It's wonderful, isn't it? The desparate struggle to survive? The death and destruction."

"Did I say "Go ahead Ehlek"? I didn't hear myself say that."
—Carapar as he ended the battle
Battle of Mahri Nui
Conflict Ehlek's spite towards Mahri Nui for crushing his fortress
Place Mahri Nui and the Pit
Result Ended prematurely by Carapar

Ehlek and his army

Matoran of Mahri Nui




  • Most likely several venom eels

  • Most likely none

The Battle of Mahri Nui was fought between Ehlek and his Venom Eels, and on the other end the Matoran of Mahri Nui. The battle was ended by Carapar, commanded by Takadox to stop Ehlek, since he thought it would be better to let the inhabitants survive, but no-one knows why.

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