Sticker Book

BIONICLE Collector's Sticker Book cover.

The BIONICLE Collertor's Sticker Book was a sticker book published in 2003 by Scholastic Inc.


The book was entirely black and white and consisted of fourty-six pages and seven chapters, each chapter about a different group of characters. For example, Chapter 1 was about the Toa Nuva, Chapter 2 was about the Turaga, etc. Within every chapter, there were spaces where the reader could insert one of the many fully-colored stickers.  Between each chapter, there was a 3 question trivia quiz about the previous chapter.

Extra ContentEdit

Along with the stickers used to fill in the blank spaces about characters, the book also included two pages of extra stickers including one with a Hau Nuva on it, and one with the Bohrok symbol on it.

At the end of the book, there was a twenty-question quiz entiteled, "BIONICLE Trivia Challenge," consisting of questions about fact found in the book. On the next page was the "BIONICLE Collector's Checklist" which was a checklist where the reader could check off every color of every Great Kanohi, Kanohi Nuva, Noble Kanohi, Krana, and Krana-Kal that he or she owned. The checklist also included the power that each Kanohi or Krana posess, and who was known to wear it.

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