BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui
BIONICLE The Legend of Mata Nui Box Art
Video Game Information
Developer(s) Saffire Corporation

Publisher(s) Lego Software

Platform(s) Windows

Release dates Canceled in 2001

Genre Adventure

Rating ESRB - E

Media CD-ROM

BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui was a planned PC game to be released Fall of 2001. Developed by Saffire Corporation, it was canceled due to two main reasons: lack of budget and a glitch that would not let the player advance from the first level.


The player played as the Toa Mata exploring the island through 8 levels, using Kanohi and battling Rahi. The game features a huge emphasis on problem-solving. Due to a glitch, the player could not advance from Onua's level (the first one). This glitch was at a platform where the player was supposed to drop down to to complete the level, but it instead kills the player.


Though there is a glitch on the first level; a few beta players somehow managed to bypass the glitch and moved onto the next level. Here are the assumed levels of the PC game:

Level 1: Toa Mata - Onua

Level 2: Toa Mata - Gali

Level 3: Toa Mata - Pohatu

Level 4: Toa Mata - Kopaka

Level 5: Toa Mata - Lewa

Level 6: Toa Mata - Tahu


At least 8 very rare Beta CDs could be found in a few selected 2001 Toa Canisters set (these selected could be either the prototypes or the ones use during production uses) or those who own a beta copy of the game as most of the copies of the pc game and the development CD are currently property of The LEGO Group.

The LEGO Group was planing to distribute Masks of Time with the PC game but since its cancellation; the Kanohi Vahi were instead given away as promotions for BIONICLE at selected Walgreen stores in America and also other promotional events across the world in 2001.


  • There are several videos on YouTube showing gameplay from the game's beta.
  • The unreleased product number is 5781.
  • There were also plans for a Nintendo Gamecube and possibly Playstation release.

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