Amana Volo Sphere
Amana Volo Sphere in Bionicle the game
Item Information
Primary User(s)Matoran and Toa Nuva (in-game only)
Primary LocationOn Mata Nui and from Rahi by removing their Infected Kanohi
FunctionalitiesRestore health and boost strength when absorbed by other beings

The Amana Volo Sphere (ah-MAH-nah VOH-loh Sphere) was a powerful globe of dark energy discharging from certain Rahi upon the removal of an Infected Kanohi. These free-floating balls of energy could be absorbed by other beings to boost their strength and could restore health.



  • In BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa; Takua received this item from each Koro's tree keeper of each Koro's Vuata Maca Tree after restoring the trees back to full health.
  • In BIONICLE: The Game; The Toa Mata/Toa Nuva collects these to boost their strength and restore their health.

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