Aki Nuva
Nuva Mask of Valor
Power(s)Gave user(s) enhanced powers of Shielding, Speed, and Strength
Notable Wearer(s)None (never formed)
PronunciationOCK-kee NOO-vah

The Aki Nuva was the Kanohi Nuva Mask of Valor, created if a destined Kanohi Aki was exposed to Energized Protodermis and transformed or if a Hau Nuva, Kakama Nuva, and Pakari Nuva were merged together.

The Aki Nuva would have given its user and those nearby the enhanced powers of Shielding, Strength, and Speed. The wearer of this mask would have been be able to activate the different powers individually or together. The only beings who would have been able to activate this mask's power were Toa Nuva and their Kaita.

If it had come into existance, the Aki Nuva would have resembled a Hau Nuva. If it were ever to have been taken off of its Toa Kaita, then the Aki Nuva would have existed as long as its Kaita did. Only a Toa Nuva Kaita could have formed a Great Aki Nuva. However, it would have been impossible to create a Noble Aki Nuva.

Known WearersEdit


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