Acid Shield
Acid Shield
Weapon Information
PowerGenerating potent acid
FunctionDissolving targets
User(s)The Lehvak
StatusNot in use

Acid Shields were a pair of tools carried and wielded by the Bohrok subspecies of Lehvak. It gave its Lehvak the power to secrete streams of special acid that could dissolve almost any substance on Mata Nui in a matter of seconds. Ultimately, the shields' purpose was to help wipe clean Mata Nui, and to be used for offensive and defensive combat if needed.

Example UsageEdit

250px-Acid Bohrok

A Lehvak using its two Acid Shields.

In Comic 4: The Bohrok Awake, a Lehvak was seen to use its Acid Shield to dissolve a tree.

Set InformationEdit

  • The Acid Shields were first included in the Lehvak 2002 set, as a pair of weapons.
  • An Acid Shield was also included in the Lehvak Va 2002 set, as part of the Bohrok Va's head.
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