"The Recorder"
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Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Dark Hunters
Mask Unknown
Colors Unknown
Element/Powers Unknown
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Dark Hunters
Tools Unknown
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Pronunciation None

"The Recorder" was a creature that recorded everything "The Shadowed One" said and did.


It is unknown where "The Recorder" originated, but he was recruited by the Dark Hunters, and hired as "The Shadowed One's" personal chronicler.

At one point, in "The Shadowed One's" chamber, "The Recorder" commented that "The Shadowed One" was only second to that of Teridax. As a punishment, he was thrown across the room, but he survived the impact.

Whether he survived the 1,000 years afterward though is unknown.

Dark Hunters (v|e)
Leader: "The Shadowed One"
Members: "Airwatcher"  • Amphibax"Charger""Conjurer""Darkness""Devastator""Dweller""Eliminator"Firedracax"Gatherer""Gladiator""Hordika Dragons""Kraata-Kal"Lariska"Lurker""Mimic""Minion"Phantom"Poison""Primal""Prototype""Ravager""Savage""Seeker"Sentrakh"Shadow Stealer""Silence""Spinner""Subterranean""Tracker"Triglax"Vanisher""Vengeance""The Recorder"
Former Members: Krekka (deceased) • Nidhiki (deceased) • Vezok (deserted) • Hakann (deserted) • Avak (deserted) • Zaktan (deserted) • Thok (deserted) • Reidak (deserted) • "Tyrant" (lost in action) • "Ancient" (deceased) • "Guardian" (revived)
Servants: Rahi NuiRoodakaSidorakVoporak

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